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Leaders of the shooting community, and club directors, have been working hard to increase participation in the shooting sports. A key goal has been to get newcomers involved in shooting, particularly juniors and women by attracting shooters of all ages and all skill levels. Rimfire allows individuals to shoot with inexpensive rifles in a match that emphasizes fun and good sportsmanship. The formula of low cost and high "fun factor" has proven to be a great success. This is a sport all members of the family can enjoy and afford.

Any gun enthusiast or hunter can shoot Rimfire because it uses smallbore rifles that almost all of them already own. You do not have to buy expensive target gear to shoot Rimfire. The Rimfire course of fire is designed so that every shooter who understands basic gun safety and rifle marksmanship can shoot it. Rimfire is also uniquely challenging--it tests shooters’ skills in three different firing positions, at two different ranges, in both precision and rapid-fire shooting.

Rimfire stresses fun, accessibility and practical marksmanship skills. It is a great game for shooters who want a target event that does not require expensive match-conditioned rifles or gear. It is ideal for hunters who recognize that practicing rimfire rifle shooting through the year will make them more skilled marksmen when they pursue game. Rimfire can be a great way to introduce youth and adults to the excitement and fascinating challenges of rifle target shooting. And most importantly, Rimfire is perfect for the shooter who enjoys going out to the range to have a relaxed competition with friends.

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