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MHRRC Policy Regarding Private Function & Special Interest Groups for Range Rental


Purpose: The Club recognizes the need by various public entities for rental of MHRRC range facilities for the use for Private Member Functions, assorted Police Forces, various government agencies and commercial security firms and businesses that exclude participation by the General Membership of the Club.

Intent: The intention of this policy is to enable both internal and external interests that require the range for personal/private use that restricts access of any range facilities to the General Membership of the Club. Members that currently hold a Club membership and would like to put on a function, for a specific group that excludes the participation of the General Membership will be required also to follow these guidelines. We hope that this allows access to the MHRRC at fair and uniform prices at the same time make every effort to minimize the inconvenience to the General Membership of the Club. This policy does not include club generated/sanctioned matches or events that are open to the entire membership of the club.



A) $700 per day for all 5 Ranges

B) $250 per day (dawn until dusk) per range

C) $125 per half day (6 hours or less) per range

D) in addition, $5.00 per day for each non member in attendance to cover insurance costs


A) Range(s) can be booked for a maximum of 2 days per week, excluding Saturday & Sunday (No Exceptions)

B) Range must be booked at least 15 days in advance, so the date(s) can be posted on the club website calendar and social media.

C) Range bookings will be charged, regardless of weather conditions that limit or cancel the training or Private Function.

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