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Black Powder

Equipment: Muzzle Loading Rifle or Pistol 

Traditional style Side lock Caplock ,Matchlock or Flintlock  No modern inlines or smokeless powder. No Scopes

Patched round ball only or minnies No plastic sabots.

Cartridge rifle: Single shot rifle or Lever guns in Traditional Black powder calibers No Bolt action rifles unless originally chambered in black powder Cartridge ie:303 british. Cast lead bullets and black powder or black substitutes only no Smokeless. No Scopes.


Muzzle loaders: All Muzzle loaders are considered unloaded until they are capped ,Flintlock pan is charged or wick is put on ie;matchlock .This may only be done on the firing line.

Cartridge Rifles: Cartridge rifles may only be loaded on the firing line.

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