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Certification & Training

If you are interested in Holster Training, Shooting Practical Competitions or CQB.

Possession and Acquisition License
For more information contact:

Dale Wood 403-527-2527

Cori Bolig 403-488-0377

Ian Parkinson4 03-528-9723

Ben Sklarchuck 403-581-9046

Black Badge Course

The Black Badge Course is a 2 day course combining classroom lectures, followed by live firing excercises. This course teaches the shooter to safely draw from a holster, reload safely, shoot accurately, proper range commands, and much,much more. The shooter will come out of this course with a NEW sense of safe gun handling, and a new respect for shooting skills. The Black Badge is a must have to shoot IPSC competitions. MHRRC shoot IPSC "style" competitions ergo the Black badge is not a necessity for our matches.

For more information contact Walter Hornby @ 403-654-4498

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