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Bench Rest

Bench Rest Shooting may have several definitions. The Medicine Hat Rifle and Revolver Club undoubtedly is unique.  The MHHRC Bench Rest League shoots from rifle benches at distances of 100, 200, and 300yards.  The targets we use are shot for score; not groups.  There are 5 “Bulls” and a “Sighter” on each target.  You can only shoot one shot at each of the bulls.  You can shoot as many shots as needed at the sighter and at anytime.  Each Bull has 10 rings.  The closer you are to the center (Bulls Eye) the higher your score.  We keep track of the scores (only if you want).  Person with the highest score at each distance in each class wins bragging rights. 

Due to the three classes available, pretty much any center fire rifle is able to participate.  Maximum caliber at the MHRRC range is 338 Lapua Magnum.  The most common rifles being used are hunting and heavy barrel varmint rifles.  As of now, no one is shooting a true bench rest rifle!

Come out and enjoy this sport.  This league is a great chance for you to learn your rifle.  There are a lot of knowledgeable members who enjoy helping others to tweak as much accuracy out their firearms as possible. 

By hunting season you maybe that crack shot you always wanted to be!

Equipment Needed;

  • Centre fire rifle

  • Ammo (At least 20 rounds for two targets)

  • Front and rear rest (any rest is allowed ie. Lead sled, bags etc.)

  • Safety Glasses

  • Ear Protection



A Range Safety Officer will be present and will run the shoot.  The RSO has the ability to dismiss anyone or firearms that he/she believes is unsafe.  New members will have a briefing so they are aware of the range rules as it applies to the Bench Rest League. 

The parent or guardian accompanying youth will be directly responsible for them.

Hearing and Eye protection must be worn when shooting.  There is no dress code so anything that is comfortable will work.

Medicine Hat Rifle and Revolver Range has adopted a ZERO Alcohol Policy that is in effect 24/7 and is strictly enforced.

Drop-in or League Shoot:

We welcome anyone to join us for the league shoot.  We meet every Wednesday night at 6:00pm at the MHRRC rifle benches. 

Shooting Classes:

Hunter Class (stock sportier weight hunting rifles):

  • .243 (6mm) caliber and up.

  • 6x scope (maximum).

  • Rifle weight cannot exceed 10 lbs.

  • Note: Heavy barrels are not allowed in this class.

Hunter Varmint Class:

  • Any caliber.

  • 20x scope (maximum)

Open Class:

  • Any caliber

  • Unlimited scope magnification

  • Rifle weight unlimited

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