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A Member or Members decided that shooting Concrete cinder blocks on the 25 yard pistol Range would be an appropriate or fun type of activity.

Aside from these types of materials and this type of activity definitely not being approved on any part of the ranges at MHRRC, it's dangerous due to chances of bullet ricochets and just plain destructive.

Aside from the fact that the person(s) had the forethought to bring said concrete blocks with them, they could have at least been considerate enough to clean up after themselves.

There is already more than enough work for the 2 or 3 Directors and Execs. to keep them busy throughout the year doing scheduled and routine maintenance of the facilities as is.

So, if the Member(s) that did this would care to go back and clean up their mess to show that they are at least somewhat responsible Members, that would be appreciated.

I think it should go without saying, but please REFRAIN from this type of activity for what should be more than obvious reasons.


concrete blocks.jpeg

MHRRC Range does not allow or tolerate the use of Binary or explosive targets.

75 YD Range
The Bianchi plates on the 75 yd range are not to be engaged with any centerfire rifle cartridge or shotgun slugs. Failure to abide with this rule will cost the perpetrator money, time and loss of privileges.

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