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Firing Line Rules



  • Actions open and to the rear on Rifles/Shotguns

  • Actions open and to the rear on semi auto pistols, magazines removed

  • Cylinders open and empty on revolvers

  • Safest muzzle direction at all times when moving firearms


  • During a cease fire there MUST NOT be any handling of firearms on the shooting benches or moving firearms to and from the benches and vehicles

  • When a cease fire is called all firearms on the benches must be cleared, actions open, magazines removed and all members must leave the pad

  • PERSON DOWN RANGE” sign must be placed down range from the benches to indicate shooters are posting or removing targets

  • Once all personnel have returned to the firing line area and the range is visually inspected and deemed clear and safe, the person down range sign must be returned to the bench area. Only then can the firing line go hot/active and shooting commence


  • Before any shooting begins the red flag must be raised

  • Guests must be informed of cease fire protocols and safety regulations/rules

  • Members are responsible for their guest’s actions

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Remove paper targets and pick up fired brass. Place refuse in garbage barrels

  • MHRRC RSO’S and EXECUTIVE/Directors have the authority to suspend any member for committing an unsafe act or rules violation

  • The use of chamber flags is encouraged to indicate the rifle chambers are clear (Chamber flags are for sale at The Outdoorsman or at the range)

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