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Bench rest League 2021 starts June 9th 6PM 100 yd Range

Bench Rest league will start up Wednesday Evening June 9th 6 pm and will run the 16th, 23rd, 30th.

June 9th. 16th. 23rd. and 30th.Wednesday evenings @6:00 PM.

Members only, no guests. Fee is $20.00/ 4 shoots. No drop in Fee for this one, due to CoVid Restrictions in place. No refunds for missed evenings, so try and make them all. Bring a $20.00 bill ,please.

Rule Restrictions:

Bolt action scoped rifles only,.308 Cal. max., NO MUZZLE BRAKES.


Mechanical Front rest, bag or Bi-Pod with rear bag.

Course of Fire requirements:

Will be shooting 2 Varmint For Score Targets, needing 5 rounds each plus sighter's,20 rounds is recommended to bring. If you need to Zero your scope come early or do it before the shoot(preferable).

In light of the current AHS Restrictions, Social distancing, hand sanitizer(bring your own please, if you can) is required. Hand sanitizer is available in the washrooms. If you use the washrooms facilities, please wipe down surfaces touched with supplied cleaners.

If you feel the need to wear a Mask, please supply your own.

I can be contacted through the Club Website, under Contacts ,Bench rest director if you have questions a message will forward to myself.

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