CQB is an acronym for Close Quarters Battle

It is a tactical concept that involves physical confrontation between one or more combatants at close
range. It can take place between military units, police and criminals, and other similar scenarios. Short
range firearms are used to launch a fast takeover which involves detailed planning, surprise elements and
speed in which to gain control of the situation.

At MHRRC the CQB matches involve a group of shooters forming a battle line, following commands
from an RSO and advancing physically towards the target. The firearms used are either a centre fire or
rimfire rifle and pistol. Drills are executed to practise the transition from rifle to pistol as the target
distance decreases. There is target engagement while in a variety of shooting positions and also while
moving with an advancing line of shooters.

The matches are not conducted in a high pressure tactical environment such as would be encountered in
actual military or law enforcement training. Safe handling of the firearms and looking out for your fellow
shooter is paramount in these matches. Also an open mind and a sense of humor can come in handy.